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Feverdream Gallery Project

FEVERDREAM GALLERY PROJECT consists of Pop-up location art exhibitions curated by Matt Deterior.  Each exhibition is held in a new temporary space.  Hotel rooms, store front windows, family living rooms, even the outdoors – each venue space becomes a part of the exhibit itself.  The local, national and international artists at FEVERDREAM GALLERY display a barrage of random eclectic work, usually with a current pop culture inspiration.  One very successful event was a memorial show honoring HitchBOT, a robot who made headlines when its Canadian scientist creators sent it hitch hiking around the world, with great success, only to be destroyed in Philadelphia after just a few short days in the United States.  There is also a Donald Trump themed exhibit called “You Can’t Trump This” planned for 2016.  The intent of the gallery project is to cultivate creativity and engage people in the arts with exhibits that change and evolve as quickly as our pop culture’s collective attention span.


Exhibiting Artists:

Anthony Barbaria

Byron Baum

Nicolas Caesar

Hank Deterior

Matt Deterior

Hannah Dobek

David Gerbstadt


Krissy Klinovski


Matthew Mazurkiewicz

Mike Hates Meathook

Jaime Morlock



Zach Rudy

Craig Schaffer

Ron Schiding

Jordan Witkofsky

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